• The biggest question a person has during a claims process is... "Will the insurance company be there for me when I actually need them?" Well... Competition Insurance was not only there for me, but they also made it a headache-free process. Sharon looked after me from start to finish. She even helped refer me to an autobody shop that did excellent work. This is a place that truly cares about their customers and it shows with their professionalism and helpful nature. At Competition Insurance, there is no competition. They are simply Number 1.

    David M
  • I had initially insured my 1934 Ford 3-window coupe with Competition Insurance for it's purchase price only. As the amount and money I was putting into this project quickly climbed to dome significant numbers. I thought I had better re-think my insured investment position.

    The cost of a professional appraisal is approximately $250, plus the associated small increase in insurance premium of about $100, is about the cost if a new carburetor.

    There was a brief time when I thought, "what the heck, buy the carb, forget about insuring for appraised value, nothing will happen", but my wife's insistence and common sense eventually took over and I decided to protect my investment.

    I contacted Competition and they provided me with a list of professional appraisers from which to choose.

    The appraiser was great and did a fine job of nailing down the actual value of my Ford. I drove the car around town a little bit, went to a few "show and shines" and had a bit of fun.

    Then of Friday, July 13, 2012 I took the '34 Ford on our first road trip. About 90 km from home, I stopped at a stop sign and in looking left, my eye caught a "flicker" in my driver's door mirror, in looking again there was a flame coming out from the driver's side rear fender. Within seconds the fire was spreading fast and within moments the car was fully engulfed in flames.

    I called Competition Insurance later that morning and they took care of most everything. Within eight weeks of this event, I received full reimbursement for the appraised value of my '34.

    I am currently upgrading the replacement for the '34, which is of course insured with Competition Insurance, and once those upgrades are complete, I will have it appraised and will upgrade my policy to include the "full replacement clause" SEF 19A endorsement.

    Thank you Competition Insurance, it is indeed a pleasure doing business with you.

    Frank MEdmonton, AB
  • To Whom it may concern,
    I have been dealing with Competition Insurance mainly with Lorrie King for over two years moving from Legends Insurance. My Partner and I are both AMSOIL dealers doing alot of car show and bike show venues. Lorrie King has been to my house and has talked to some of my clients about Collector Vehicle Insurance Plan Insurance.

    Some recent events have made me contact Lorrie to check on some insurance issues and with her help we had to put a claim in on my '87 TOYOTA SUPRA TWIN TURBO sorry to say it was a write off.

    With the help from Lorrie and the adjuster Shelley explaining the difficulty of repairing a foreign car and came to agreement that I was satisfied with. Thank you to all involved with my claim.

    I have indorsed Collector Vehicle Insurance Plan and will continue too.

    (PS) Your Insurance will be on my next TOY.

    Kelly SouleKAT Enterprises
  • Hagerty road assistance report, August 26, 2015: At about 9:30 AM, I called the 1 866 number on the plastic card that came with my policies and a flatbed truck arrived about 1 1/2 hours later from Kingsway Towing. Initially I was told that it would arrive at about 10:30 AM which would be a little over an hour from first contact. I received two phone calls from Manitoba, the first about 10:30 AM wondering if the truck had arrived and stating that they would check into it and the second about 15 minutes later. The second call from Manitoba rang five times however just as my wife picked up the receiver, the caller hung up. The flatbed truck arrived at 11 AM & the car was picked up and delivered. The truck driver was very knowledgeable about hauling antique cars. It is a relief not to have to argue, in order to get a flatbed truck, as is the case with a competitor’s road assistance plan, who insist on sending a regular tow truck out first to assess whether a flatbed is needed. Altogether a good experience.

    Dennis Coulthard